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The boundaries between pleasure and pain

Are you interested in tantra BDSM? A professional tantra masseuse answers the issue of tantra massage with BDSM elements. The issue is covered with secrecy and curiosity, for some it means condemnation, and for others an exciting experience.

I simply enjoy tantra massage with BDSM elements. It is not about being a natural dominator and like seeing men in subordinate position. I am attracted by men, who allow themselves to open to their vulnerability, which he otherwise masks well in everyday life. I enjoy the sensitivity field, which virtually blossoms in my eyes and under my hands, If the people being massaged allow it the proper space in their bodies and their mind too. If he or she trusts me and lets everything flow, it is just marvellous.


Where is the line between the pleasure and pain?

Each person defines it elsewhere. I can always get surprised by how different the perception in intimate parts gets with individual men. Usually we imagine, that any beating of ovaria and Lingam has to be very painful for men. But actually there are some, who don’t mind it, and even get pleasure out of it in a certain situation and it escalates sensitivity. And the situation happens right on the mat during the special massage, which I enjoy giving so much.

I also enjoy a light FETISH, so I add my personal fetish clothing. At the moment it is lace and satin. I massage wearing a lace body suit and I wear a satin dog collar, and sometimes even gloves. Also satin bondage strips are available that I use together with ropes mainly during longer massages, when there is enough time to play alike.


Do you also feel excited while giving tantra massage with BDSM elements?

I have to admit that even I, as a masseuse, feel a strong level of excitement during this unique massage. I am mainly stimulated by a man, who is fully trusting and surrenders to a woman. In this gesture there is humility, but rather the courage to yield to the nurturing energy, which in the pair is initiated and opened by the woman.


Do you give tantra massage with BDSM elements to women too?

Women stimulate me by the sensuality of their experience and visual beauty of their body. I get a lot of pleasure from massaging women; intimate touching by other woman can be very healing for the receiver.


What can a woman expect?

Mainly respect and sympathy. Femininity, female body and its experience are sacred for me. The whole massage is done practically the same way as with men apart from the massage of prostate. Instead of that I care for breasts, nipples and Joni massage. I will probably enjoy your emotions and pleasure together with you, as I tune to women very internally and have a different rhythm than with men.


And what can a man expect?

Mainly admiration and respect to his limits. In addition a soft stimulation of sensitivity of your body by feathers and furs to a strong stimulation applied for example by a whip, lashes, flapper or a bare hand. Then one pampers the Roseta, her soft penetration and light inner relaxation massage. I warmly recommend to add the prostate massage, it is well suitable and even more intensely opens the space of trust and self-leaning. Personally according to the recipient’s feelings I also add a slight dominance on the neck and in hair or penetrate my fingers in the mouth.


What would you recommend to others?

If the BDSM massage appeals to you, I recommend to devote more time to these practices also in private life and not worry of addressing your partner too. We often think we know what they like or dislike. From my feminine and masseuse experience I can say that the opposite is often true and for many reasons. The most frequent are prejudice, fear of expressing yourselves and lack of communication about things that bring us pleasure.

Did you enjoy the issue? Did you tune positively to my attitude? Well, just try it!



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