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Initiation Tantra Massage for Men

Time of massage 60 minutes - Price list

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Tantra Massage


A very relaxing massage, where you can get into a sensual atmosphere trough touching. First, warm the body with hot towels and pamper with silk objects. Then there is an oily part where the muscles on the back, legs are thoroughly thawed, the tension on the chest is unblocked. An integral part of this massage is the meditation atmosphere.

After a perfect relaxation of the body can follow, massage Lingham, massage the plus point (acorn and frog). An intimate massage is used to energize the body. A man uses special breathing to distribute energy to the body. The experience may be different from the common experience of sexuality. Massage ends in a variety of ways, the experience is always individual and reflects your current mood.

This massage can thrive in pumping new life force. Massage releases the stress we create during the day of stress. Massage can also serve as a demonstration of a different approach to the perception of orgasmic states that, in deeper forms, permeate the management of the state of Extasy.

Offer to Tantra Massages

Tantra massages for Men

Tantric massages for Men

Tantra massages allow a deep relaxation for men. They contain interesting techniques related to pleasure, and also a motivation and inspiration, who to distribute sexual excitement into the whole body.

Tantra massages for Women

Tantra massages for Women

Sensual touching and opening of female body aimed at enjoying pleasure. Women relax through loving and conscious touching. We use the techniques of cherishing of naked body; excitement and distribution of energy.

Tantra massages for Couples

Tantra massages for Couples

Tantra massages for couples can provide an inspiration for your erotic life. We offer a large scale of tantra techniques. A typical changing of various kinds of techniques leads to much pleasure.

Tantra massages with BDSM

Tantra massages with BDSM elements

Various kinds of tantra massages containing a light BDSM elements. The massages are energizing and playful form of discovering your own body and feelings. We awake excitement and joy of life.

Transformation tantra massage

Special Tantra and Tao massages

Tantra massages with special techniques developing sexuality focusing on a conscious attitude towards body and feelings. A Kashmir massage is a part of the offer or multi-orgasm massages.

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