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“Multi orgasmic Man" Massage

“Multi orgasmic man” massage can inspire you to learn controlling your sexual excitement. You learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation or enjoy a multiplied repeated orgasm.

I Although some men can feel pleasure even after ejaculation, most men get to the edge of their excitement and have to climb up laboriously again. If you learn to work with your excitement properly, you can maintain built-up energy for a longer time; in fact you can keep your excitement as long as you like.

But that´s hardly all. An orgasm with ejaculation can seem like a joy ride only until you discover an ecstatic prolonged orgasm. By regular practise the pleasure increases. The first ecstatic experience is cool, but by repetition it grows deeper and more intense as does your pleasure.

Your motivation and inspiration could be not only your own pleasure, but also the knowledge that during love-making to your partner you can master the situation. You can pleasure your partner in a long-lasting intercourse that women long for. An act of love not fulfilling for you along, but also for your partner and a lover. By being able to spread your excitement you can prolong the act of love infinitely; you can enjoy orgasm without ejaculation, and your energy won´t drop and you won´t feel tired. You will be full of joy, energy and relaxation at the same time.

A man, who can control his excitement and keep it within his body, can allow his partner a long love-making so that she can also enjoy long-lasting pleasure and orgasm leading to mutual content.

For this massage at least 120 minutes are necessary to repeat orgasmic spasms several times. The feeling gets more intense and clear then.

120 min / 180 min Price list

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