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Tantra Massage Therapeutic Techniques

Path to full development of therapeutic knowledge for a tantra masseur or a masseuse.

The course is designed for advanced graduates of our courses of advanced tantra massage in a professional praxis, but also to the masseuses and masseurs, who were taught elsewhere and seek further education in the area.

Another dimension of tantra massage is a form of therapy. It is a real therapeut work and you need a deeper knowledge of tantra techniques. As tantra is an experiential path, and what we experience ourselves, we also understand, during the course you will intensely receive therapy too.

Through your own experience you perceive new dimension of these techniques. How to develop it further with clients and everything related to the topic.

The course lasts for two days.

Course price is 10.300 CZK / 550 EUR person.


Saturday 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Meditation to create a safe space
An interview: What questions to ask
Therapeutic acupressure massage of Joni (vagina)

Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Therapeutic acupressure massage of the Rosetta (anus)
Therapeutic acupressure massage of Varja (scrotum and penis)
Final relaxation technique

The course ends with a final practical exam (mostly upon individual agreement independent of the course date). At the end of the course and passing a practical exam you receive a certificate of graduation. Following the course you should be able to fully and fluently provide tantra massage and use therapeutic approach and client-oriented techniques.

Note: The course does not provide any grounds for issuing a trade licence for masseuse and recondition services. In order to obtain such licence, you need to apply to the Course of sports and recondition massage course.

You learn a very strong energising massage, which works not only with body elements, but also energy enjoyment and energy body concept.

Here we learn proper breathing techniques, which empower enjoyment and recharges body with energy. Also this course includes teaching of chakras and kundalini.


2019 - 2020

We arrange the dates of the courses by phone, according to the individual needs of the customer.

Teacher - professional assistance

Lucie Dvořáková

Lucie Dvořáková

She has been leading tantra massage courses for 10 years. She teaches various tantric massage concepts for both home use and professional practice. Some of the tantric massage concepts have been self-managed and tailored to your 12 years of experience in this area.



Tantra massage instructor and professional tantra masseuse. Professional assistance in courses. 5 years experience in massage and tantra. She has her own massage practice and does business in various areas.



Lecturer, assistant professor of tantra massage courses. Professional tantric masseuse. He runs his own courses called Mandala of Life. He has been on the tantra path for 10 years. She integrated some techniques into her personal life.



Lecturer and expert assistance in tantra massage courses. Professional tantra masseur, interested in health lifestyle and sport. He has been on the Tantra route for 5 years and has extensive experience in various bodywork techniques.

Radek Nius

Radek Nius

Lecturer and lecturer in tantra massage courses. Tantra has been engaged for over 10 years, leading tantra yoga classes and groups for men. Experienced masseur and pleasant person. Working with the body also inspires him in his personal life.



Lecturer of the Tantric Massage Course focused on BDSM techniques. Professional tantra masseuse. He has an open massage and often flies abroad. Her Passion is sacred BDSM. She has 4 years experience with Tantra.

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