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Tantra massage with double Lingam massage

Time of Massage 90 / 120 or 180 minutes - Price list

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Tantra Massage

Sexual arousement is a very important part of life for men. If a man cultivates his sexual energy, he also works with his inner strength. If his excitement gets cultivated in the body, it is spread out and gets flowing, it becomes a pure, vibrating life power.

A massage with a double sex (lingam) massage is a holistic procedure, where a man can discover his sexual potential. That way he can get intensely in contact with his power. We love men and our goal is to inspire you to enjoy your sexuality, which influences the area of relations. As each conscious man connected to his libido is always a win-win for a woman.

Ways of working with a double lingam massage:

Way 1

A man gets really excited and it is hard to relax into his body. His concentration is external. The first massage of lingam is used to release redundant energy. A man usually ejaculates and so an overpressure gets out of his body. The following massage of lingam at the end of massage is used to breathe through an excitement within the body and enjoy energy flowing.

Way 2

Here the lingam massage is first used for cultivating and energy flowing. A man is constantly breathing through the excitement and lets the flow all through the body, so that he maintains on the level, when his excitement rises and drops down already from the half of the massage. The second massage of lingam at the end of the ritual is used for breathing the excitement all through the body and enjoying energy flowing.


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