Tantra Massages
for Men

Tantra massages allow you a maximum relaxation, deeper breathing techniques and conscious control of sexual energy.

Tantra Massages
for Women

It includes sensual touching and opening of female body for enjoying pleasure; all over relaxation, excitement and energy developing and enhancement.

Tantra Massages
for Couples

Tantra massages for couples can be an inspiration to your love life. Tantra massages are a source of perfect relaxation.

  • TANTRA – TAO CONCEPT of a massage.
    The course is designed to men or women who wants to do TM of professional.
  • Tantric massages exciting version
    We teach a man how to keep your energy in the body and work with it consciously.
  • Tantra massage with BDSM elements.
    For all those who love challenges. Energizing massage on the ropes.
  • Royal Tantra massage.
    Harmonising all body tantra massage with hot oil done by two masseuses.

Tantra Massage Centre - Prague


Tantra massages in a small cosy studio. During tantra massage we put stress on relaxation and tantra techniques. We prefer individual approach and tantra massages aiming at in-depth conscious work with sexual energy. In tantra massage we put stress on enjoyment of energy body, which is a major step towards knowing about you as individual and unique beings.


Tantra massages are matters of relaxation and enjoyment in our centre. At the same time they serve as an inspiration for deepening your own sexuality.

Energy of our Centre enhances a Cosmo gram. A Cosmo gram is a sign that was made to fit our Centre environment; it is connected to basic elements such as fire, water, air and ether and it enhances consciousness transformation.


Masseurs and masseuses in our Centre are aware and mature beings who incorporated tantra approach into their common life and have much to share with clients.


Calendar services masseuses

Make an appointment for your favorite masseuse.

Call +420 775 126 388.


Tantra Massage Video

Visit the unique atmosphere of tantra massages in our salon. Accept tantra massages from people who really know what they´re doing.

Course of Kashmir tantra massage for couples

Want to learn how to work in a pair of sacred sexuality? To include Tantric approach to your love life? Be inspired by this unique massage that…


There are more and more satisfied clients in our centre; some of them were willing to share their experience.

What happens during the Tantric massage

What happens during the Tantric massage of female? Tantric massage gives the woman the possibility to receive touch also on genitals, but without…


The boundaries between pleasure and pain with Kamala

Each person defines it elsewhere. I can always get surprised by how different the perception in intimate parts gets with individual men.