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Course of Kashmir tantra massage for couples

We learn a beautiful all body tantra massage of Kashmir tradition that relaxes body and leads us to a relaxed meditation atmosphere. Are you curious to learn work with sacred sexuality? Do you want to incorporate tantra attitude into your love life?

Get inspired by unique massage that opens new dimensions of sexuality. Kashmir tradition allows us to enjoy massage in interesting positions relaxing spine and can be inspiration to couple´s love life.

Kashmiri Shiva concept of massage for couples is not difficult to remember, so it can handle even a beginner.

The course contains:

Introduction to Kashmir tantra

Female and male sexuality

All body oil part; touches and moves to open the body and energy gates

Massage of perineum and rose (anus)

Massage intimate parts Joni and Varja – pleasure organs

Active receiving and exploring form

A manual is part of the training.


8 hours / 18.600 CZK / 810 EUR per couples


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Teacher - professional assistance



Lecturer, assistant professor of tantra massage courses. Professional tantric masseuse. He runs his own courses called Mandala of Life. He has been on the tantra path for 15 years. She integrated some techniques into her personal life.



Lecturer and expert assistance in tantra massage courses. Professional tantra masseur, interested in health lifestyle and sport. He has been on the Tantra route for 10 years and has extensive experience in various bodywork techniques.

Radek Nius

Radek Nius

Lecturer and lecturer in tantra massage courses. Tantra has been engaged for over 15 years, leading tantra yoga classes and groups for men. Experienced masseur and pleasant person. Working with the body also inspires him in his personal life.



Lecturer of the Tantric Massage Course focused on BDSM techniques. Professional tantra masseuse. He has an open massage and often flies abroad. Her passion is sacred BDSM.

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