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Radek talks about prostate massage. What is it for men?

prostate massage

You might have forgotten an anatomy lesson while skipping school.

Prostate is a genital gonad and a part of male reproductive system.  It is placed right under the urinal bladder surrounding the entry of a urinal tube. It is usually about a size of a walnut (4x3x3cm). Under the prostate there is the front side of anus, which makes it available for direct stimulation massage.  A correct prostate function influences and supports male share on natural birth. Prostate produces a secret creating about 15-30 % of a total ejaculate volume. The excrement is liquid, colourless and slightly acidic (pH 6.4). It contains for example zinc, citric acid, prostaglandins, polyamines such as spermin and spermidin, immunoglobulins, phosphate acid, fructose, protease etc. Those influence prostate metabolism, stimulate uterus muscles and contribute to sperm transportation and movement, hence their ability to fertilize the egg; also they have effect on ejaculate thickness which along with a good position of a woman and gravity again supports sperms getting to an egg properly.


And now about the massage.

If you are asking yourself a question whether it is suitable for you and thinking of an issue of hidden homosexuality, let me assure you it really is fine for any man regardless his sexual orientation. Following from the above described importance and anatomy of a male body, care for a prostate should become a part of life of any responsible individual and certainly deserves equal attention such as hygiene, sport or healthy life style.

As any other massage, also for prostate massage there are contra indications. If you see health problems related to malfunctioning of prostate (frequent urination, weak stream etc.) I recommend getting a doctor´s opinion or getting an examination by a simple blood testing. Even an ordinary GP can find out about cancer or infection and early treatment can save your life as well as function of your pride and joy. A massage has beneficial preventive effects and with infections it supports efficacy of pharmaceutical treatment.

For most men or couples revealing anus and making it available is related to certain amount of shame. From energy perspective the area relates to negative emotions of fear (as the saying goes: “He had his ass cheeks tight together due to fear“). Therefore massaging prostate and giving conscious attention to the hole and loving touching is enriching experience for a giver and a receiver as well. It relaxes emotional traumas and under the skin of a tough guy there is a sensitive man. With partner couples it deepens trust. A relationship is bond with a real love with a capital L at the beginning (and this time it does not stand for Lingam only).

Don’t feel ashamed and try out our massage or even learn it from professionals.


Author: Radek Nius

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