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Tantric approach to life

Self acceptance – Learn to love yourself

Love begins in ourselves – meaning neither hedonism nor egocentrism but trusting oneself. To listen to our inner voice, our intuition, the voice of our heart. To love oneself means to realise that we have the right to experience pleasure, that we are entitled to ecstasy. To try to love another without loving oneself leads to jealousy and dependency

When we love, love becomes a way of being. A celebration and sharing of our own wealth. This is freedom, the base of a human relationship. This is the goal of higher sexuality.


Use sexuality as a healthy instinct, as a celebration of life.

Guilt feelings are deeply rooted somewhere under our surface. It is an unpleasant heritage, a consequence of many centuries ruled by religion. (It used guilt feelings as a means of manipulation and exploitation). Since childhood, we have been taught where we are allowed to touch and where it is forbidden. This is the setting of the society we live in, which influences us.

Let us celebrate sexuality and enjoy it.

To be spontaneous

Means to accept the fact that each of us is original, unique, and to follow it.

Let us make love for joy

Let us not try to achieve anything. Most of the time, we try to satisfy our partner before we focus on ourselves. She tries to avoid disappointing him, and so she often prefers to fake orgasm. And we keep running around in vicious circles.

Let us share lovemaking just for this moment, just for NOW. Let us not try to achieve anything. Let us be like children. Playful and carefree lovemaking. That brings great relaxation.

To learn to meditate

The word ‘meditation’ often triggers visions of yogis in the lotus pose in an unattainable state of consciousness we cannot ever reach. Nonsense...
Meditation is being present in the body. Meditation means to be conscious in what we do, to have awareness in action as well as inaction. Let us find a way that is close to our heart and meditate. Tantric lovemaking is one of the ways of meditation. Tantrické milování je jeden ze způsobů meditace.
Our mind constantly processes lots of thoughts and is constantly veiled. Meditation is the light that shines through the mind. It is the light that opens our eyes and exposes us precisely in the beauty we really are. The mind keeps creating something, it is constantly in movement. If we at times sit down comfortably and bring our awareness inside our body, our mind suddenly calms down, becomes slower. We can then perceive our feelings and increase the possibility of experiencing pleasure. Meditation increases the awareness of the body, heart and mind.

To learn to meditate does not mean mastering complex techniques but mainly focusing attention into one’s body and learning to listen to it. Meditation is the conscious observation of what is happening inside us.


To surrender does not mean to lose one’s own will. What is meant here is to surrender to the highest aspect of our potential so that we can grow into it. Real surrender is conscious surrender.

It means to open one’s heart and to trust our inner guidance.

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Offer to Tantra Massages

Tantra massages for Men

Tantric massages for Men

Tantra massages allow a deep relaxation for men. They contain interesting techniques related to pleasure, and also a motivation and inspiration, who to distribute sexual excitement into the whole body.

Tantra massages for Women

Tantra massages for Women

Sensual touching and opening of female body aimed at enjoying pleasure. Women relax through loving and conscious touching. We use the techniques of cherishing of naked body; excitement and distribution of energy.

Tantra massages for Couples

Tantra massages for Couples

Tantra massages for couples can provide an inspiration for your erotic life. We offer a large scale of tantra techniques. A typical changing of various kinds of techniques leads to much pleasure.

Tantra massages with BDSM

Tantra massages with BDSM elements

Various kinds of tantra massages containing a light BDSM elements. The massages are energizing and playful form of discovering your own body and feelings. We awake excitement and joy of life.

Transformation tantra massage

Special Tantra and Tao massages

Tantra massages with special techniques developing sexuality focusing on a conscious attitude towards body and feelings. A Kashmir massage is a part of the offer or multi-orgasm massages.

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