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Tantric massage
Tantric massage can be a journey into the beautiful landscape of our being using pleasure. The masseuse is your guide.

Our experience of tantra massage is greatly influenced by the way we experience everyday life. One time, the massage can feel like a stormy and exciting ride of a black stallion, while other time, it feels like a soft flow on the wave of the sweet scents of pleasure. Do you notice where you are in your life right now?

Tantra celebrates sexuality as the act of creation and the body as one large ecstatic organ. Tantra means accepting the fact that sexuality is sacred, love making is a wonderful ceremony on the journey to knowing oneself.

To relax into the tantra massage means
to let go of all ideas, expectations, longings and to take our consciousness into the present moment that is hidden in the touch.

Tantric massage means being in the present
Be NOW. Being in the Now means being in your centre. In your full power. Everything else including ecstasy arises from the centre. In the NOW, time disappears.

Tantric massage allows for experiencing pleasure,
During a tantric massage, you do not have to do anything, you yourself can be nothing. Allow yourself to be nothing. Allow yourself to be with everything and anything and to express yourself. Breathe, sigh, shout, groan. Allow yourself to experience pleasure. This is real relaxation. Stop thinking about sex, live it.

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Offer to Tantra Massages

Tantra massages for Men

Tantric massages for Men

Tantra massages allow a deep relaxation for men. They contain interesting techniques related to pleasure, and also a motivation and inspiration, who to distribute sexual excitement into the whole body.

Tantra massages for Women

Tantra massages for Women

Sensual touching and opening of female body aimed at enjoying pleasure. Women relax through loving and conscious touching. We use the techniques of cherishing of naked body; excitement and distribution of energy.

Tantra massages for Couples

Tantra massages for Couples

Tantra massages for couples can provide an inspiration for your erotic life. We offer a large scale of tantra techniques. A typical changing of various kinds of techniques leads to much pleasure.

Tantra massages with BDSM

Tantra massages with BDSM elements

Various kinds of tantra massages containing a light BDSM elements. The massages are energizing and playful form of discovering your own body and feelings. We awake excitement and joy of life.

Transformation tantra massage

Special Tantra and Tao massages

Tantra massages with special techniques developing sexuality focusing on a conscious attitude towards body and feelings. A Kashmir massage is a part of the offer or multi-orgasm massages.

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